Spring holidays at the island of Ré

Events in Ile de Ré

The French Atlantic coast is famous for the presence of several exceptional seaside resorts. Some of them have an international reputation, such as Arcachon and Les Sables-d'Olonne, and others are very popular among French people. Among these privileged destinations of the nationals, the islands of Noirmoutier and Ré, respectively in Vendée and in Charente, are among the most popular ones, especially in summer, or even earlier in spring.

Speaking more specifically of the island of Ré, in spring, it is an out of the ordinary destination and visiting it at this time of the year is the assurance of an unforgettable stay . The island consists of ten townships, some of which are more charming than others, with their own assets, but there is one thing that they both share: they have very beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. Whether in the south, at Rivedoux-Plage, Saint-Martin, La Flotte or Bois-Plage or to the north, at Portes-en-Ré, Ars, Loix where beaches are all splendid, conducive to relaxation and many other nautical activities.

Speaking of these nautical activities, it is necessary to know that the island of Ré, benefiting from the exceptional waves of the Atlantic, is perfectly ideal for the practice of gliding sport like surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, etc. Some surf spots on the island are internationally renowned and are places of rendezvous for all lovers of this kind of discipline. We are talking here about places like Grenette, in the town of Sainte-Marie-de-Ré or the Conche des Baleines, to the north of the island. These are just examples, but in each village, without any exception, there are always spots and centers of sliding specialized in water sports.

The island of Ré is also famous for its salt marshes, which have long supplied France and Europe with this product for several centuries. Salt production is a tradition in this region and it is also a tourist attraction. In spring, salters resume their activities after a short period of rest. The marshes bathe again in such an animation and it is more than interesting to go there to meet these salt men and salt women, to discover the traditions and techniques of salt production.

This Ré marsh also serves as a shelter for several species of birds. Some live permanently in this environment and others are migratory. In spring, season of loves, they are thousands to take up residence in the swamps of the island of Ré. Nature lovers, especially ornithologists, are literally nose-twitchingly happy when they find themselves in the heart of Ré marshes, in spring, among waders, blue-throated hummingbirds, egrets and other bird species.