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Rent in a trust environment,

My home in is next to you.

A trust environment

Trust is essential to any kind of relationship. Building a trust environment around holiday rentals has been one of  My Home In Ile de Ré main concerns since 2012. Being both tenants and owners, we have got great and disappointing holidays experiences. Based on our knowledge and experiences, we have placed trust, selection and transparency as My Home In Ile de Ré first priorities.

Through an extensive network of trustworthy owners and property managers, together with loyal and regular tenants, My Home In Ile de Ré offers hand picked properties to tenants looking for a serene holiday.

This trust environment is completed by some efficient tools allowing you to rent safely and to provide both owners and tenants with consistent guarantees.

Trustworthy owners & concierges

Most of the owners and concierges come on recommendation. We spend time exchanging with each of them prior publishing an ad on My Home In Ile de Ré. Tenants must identified themselves as well. Their loyalty give owners and concierges confidence.

Trustworthy owners & concierges

The first My home in website has been created on the island of Re in 2012, initially for one single villa. Then, thank to word of mouths, My home in expands with properties from friends, recommended friends from friends, creating a consistent and serious core of owners. Later on, smart and reliable conciergeries joined the adventure.

The same recipe applies to each My home in website. We never release an ad online without identifying properly the owner or the concierge of the property.

Tenants using My home in must identify themselves to use our websites and make reservations. Most of them keep coming back year after year, giving owners and concierges confidence.

Selected properties

We propose a homogeneous, consistent property collection. We intend to set the right balance between a large choice of holiday lets and visibility for each of the properties.

Selected properties

Each ad displayed on My Home In Ile de Ré is carefully selected based on our own criteria. This way, we preserve the consistency of the property collection proposed. Our analysis is based on not less than 10 criteria. Among others, we value the location, the cleanliness, the holiday atmosphere of the property, its comfort during the day but also during the night.

As we intend to answer any travel wish, My home in proposes a wide range of holiday properties, from traditional village houses for a family stay to contemporary villa with swimming pool and charming apartment, located in the village centre, walking distance from the market, the harbor... or the ski lifts during the winter season.

To answer in the best possible manner owners and tenants expectations, we offer a limited number of properties, keeping in mind their types should be as varied as possible to match everyone's wishes.

Clear rates

Rental prices are transparent and clear. No surprise at the moment you decide to book. The price advertised is the price you pay. Owners, the same applies to your bookings. The amount you receive corresponds to the one mentioned at the time you accept the reservation. No additional or hidden fee whatsoever.

Clear rates

At My home in, transparency is a key point. It is not our philosophy to display appealing rates adding additional fees when you wish to book. The rates shown on the presentation page of the property correspond exactly to the one you would pay if you decide to move on.

The same philosophy applies to owners's revenues. The amount to be received by the owner is precisely the one announced at the time My home in requests the owner to validate a reservation. 

A single point of contact

Tenants, you need some advices prior booking? Owners, you wish some help to answer a request? Our team is available 7 days a week and will provide you with a fast, direct and personalized answer.

A single point of contact

What's best than having one single point of contact and to be able to talk to someone who understand your query? 

At My home in, we do not have any call centre based abroad answering on our behalves. We are available 7 days a week, by phone or by email, to advise travelers and to support owners. Because we know our My home in destinations, we provide you with fast, direct and personalized answer.

Tailor-made support

Tenants, we help you finding your ideal holiday home. Owners, we help you managing your reservations, providing you with recommendations. Take advantage of our knowledge of the local market.

Tailor-made support

We are locally involved in all your My home in holiday destinations. You benefit from our knowledge of My Home In Ile de Ré and its holiday rental market.

Tenants, My home in helps you picking up the ideal holiday home for your stay in My Home In Ile de Ré. Owners, you benefit from our expertise to improve the management and competitiveness of your property.

We are always available to help you modifying or cancelling a booking in case of unexpected event. We have set a specific guarantee tools allowing to protect both parties. Consult our dedicated page.

True reviews

My home in gives an opinion on each of the property. Beside, only the persons who booked are allowed to leave a review leaving the possibility for the owner to reply. My home in intends to properly balance the reviews left insuring quality and transparency.

True reviews

Each property listed on My home in get an opinion from our team, according to our own criteria.

After their stay, tenants are requested to leave a review about the property they stayed in. Only tenants who have booked through My home in are allowed to leave a review. This guarantees true reviews. In case a property only get good reviews and suddenly a bad one, we act as moderator.

Each owner is free to answer any review and to leave a comment about the tenant. This way, we get the right balance between both parties.