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Renting a villa with swimming pool in Ile de Re is ideal for a relaxing holiday in the department of Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes region where you will have the great opportunity to explore some traditional and authentic French villages.

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Holiday villa rentals with swimming pool on Re island

Here are our holiday villas offers with swimming pool in Ile de Re. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In offers you also the possibility to rent a villa in Ile de Ré or an apartment. Consult our holiday lets in ile de Re!

Villas to let with swimming pool in Ile de Re, Charente Maritime

Accommodations with swimming pools in Ile de Ré are understandably on demand during the summer, although we can't say that there are no requests in fall or winter. With a villa with a swimming pool rental in Ile-de-Ré, you can enjoy sunshine from you own private space and with absolutely no disturbance to your or your family's intimacy whatsoever. The villages of the Ile de Ré open their doors for you to explore their natural resources and cultural heritage, so take the opportunity to stroll along the remarkable waterfront and down the medieval streets and traditional markets. During your stay in a villa or even a hotel with a swimming pool in Ile de Re, you will be spoiled with pleasant activities and local products that will tickle your taste buds all day long, inside and outside your accommodation. Generally, an Ile de Re holiday rental, water sports lovers will delight in the wide beaches, perfect for sailing and surfing as it's the case for visitors looking to have a bond with local people as they will have the opportunity to get closer to people and to discuss with them around a little friendly drink on a comfortable terrace.

Opting for a villa or a hotel with a swimming pool in Ile de Ré ensures that you and your family or friends spend the best of holidays in the island. Whether it's an indoor or an outdoor one, having a swimming pool nearby during a holiday stay inn Ile de Re is always a big plus and is something that allows you to freshen up whether it's in the morning, afternoon or even at night...During your stay in Ile de Re you will have the opportunity to meet its inhabitants, discuss with them and obviously get to know the island they are so proud of better. Ile de Ré offers a large selection of quality villas with swimming pools, surprisingly near the best attractions of the city center. Rent a charming fully equipped villa with swimming pool within a natural setting allows you to enjoy wildlife and amazing oceanic views while being in the water. Be seduced by the architectural heritage of the famous island and its many exceptional sites listed as genuine monuments. Renting a villa is ideal for those who like to move freely and fully enjoy life in the numerous villages. Besides, the villages of Ile de Re offer many sports and activities on the beaches and in the hinterland; catamaran sailing, canoeing, surfing, horseback riding and many other entertainments will delight holidaymakers looking to be as energetic as they possibly can!