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Viticulture ile de re

The economy of the island of Ré relies mainly on tourism, the extraction and marketing of salt, but also on wine production. Viticulture makes a living for several families and is one of the main agricultural activities of the island.

The winemakers  of the island of Ré grow nearly 650 hectares of vines passionately and with respect for traditions. The excellent quality of local wines results from a several hundred years-old know-how, transmitted from a generation to another.

The first vines were planted by monks of the Abbey of Chateliers who settled on the island in the Middle Ages. Throughout centuries, techniques of wine production continue improving themselves and the vintages of Ré gained notoriety not only in Charente, but also throughout France.

Wineries of Ré are very productive and each year thousands of liters of wine are produced, enough quantity to fill nearly 2 million bottles. Several ranges of prestigious vintage are available, consisting of high quality red, white and rosé wines. The most notable ones are Voile, Soif d’évasion, Petit Sergent, Royal, Gouverneur and Ultimium.

Wines of Ré receive generally great admiration by critics and oenology lovers. Some received awards such as the Rosé des Dunes which was awarded 80/100 rating in the Guide Gilbert et Gaillard. The Ilrhea, a Pineau of the Royal range, won a star in the Hachette Guide of Wines.

Cognacs of the island of Ré also enjoy a great reputation beyond the borders of New Aquitaine. Their production began in the late 16th century. Ré’s cognac has a very special taste that seduces as of the first swig. This particularity is the result of a double distillation.

During your next stay on the island of Ré, let yourself be seduced by local wines. Red, rosé, white ... With Ré vintages, you will journey to a world of colors. Any abuse is dangerous for health, drink responsibly !