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Optimize your rentals with My Home In Ile de Ré,
a website dedicated to the Ile de Ré.

List your space for free!

Listing your place with My Home In is totally free and takes only few minutes. We value our work through a very reasonnable service fee paid by the tenant upon booking. Only the fees related to the management of the transaction are deducted from the amount you receive.

Security, Easiness and confidence

Our online booking process is simple and fully secured. No need to exchange contract with your tenants. Your cancellation policy can also be applied and you do not have to worry about money collection, we do it for you!

Peace of Mind, My Home In guarantee

Once the reservation is completed, you are sure to receive the rental price agreed in accordance with the cancellation policy you have chosen. Our automated payment process assure you to be paid upon arrival of your tenant. You just have to welcome them!

Targeted Customers

Each website My Home In is dedicated to a specific tourist area. Tenants visiting our sites have already chosen their holiday. You do not waste time with undecided tenants.

Get more visibility

The number of ads on our website is deliberately limited. Your property is not lost among thousands of others. We work daily to improve your visibility on Internet search engines and social networks.

A local team

Our local team is able to advise you and intervene when necessary during the entire booking process. Do not hesitate to contact our team:

How do I list my property ?
It is very easy and takes only few minutes of your time.

1Place my ad
2Receiving demands
3Booking confirmed
4Tenant's arrival
6Leave a review

Place my ad

It is totally free and takes only few minutes.
I fill the registration form in the best possible manner to give a complete presentation of my property.

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Reservation enquiry

I try to answer reservation enquiries as quickly as possible and in the best possible manner. I can refuse a reservation if it does not match with my expectations.

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Booking confirmed

The tenant accepts the booking terms as agreed with you and proceeds with the payment by credit card through My Home In website.

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Tenant's arrival

Once the booking is finalized, you will receive the contact details of the tenant so you can agree on the arrival details.

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You will receive your payment within 24 hours after the tenant enters your property. In case of cancellation by the tenant, My Home In will apply the cancellation policy you have chosen.

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Leave a review

I can leave a review about my tenant and keep the possibility to answer a review that my tenant would have left about me!

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