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If you plan to come to the famous Ile de Re, an accommodation in La Flotte en Re is the perfect choice for pleasure and entertainment seekers. La Flotte en Ré is probably the largest village on the island, very well maintained, it has retained its authenticity for years and years now.

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Find below our holiday rentals offers in La Flotte en Re (17630). We select only holiday villas, cottages and apartments matching with our quality rules. Each ad in La Flotte en Re is checked prior being released. Find our ads about La Flotte en Re and about the island of Re listed by type: Villas and cottages for rent in La Flotte en Re, Apartments for rent and villas to rent with swimming pool in La Flotte en Re. Get ready for a holiday on Re Island!

Holiday lets in La Flotte en Re

We can't think of anything more pleasant and relaxing than walking the streets and alleys in La Flotte en Ré, all elegant and flowery, just somewhere to prove that locals are well and truly taking care of their village, much to the delight of its visitors.  If you opt for a holiday rental in La Flotte en Ré, you will undoubtedly be seduced by the spirit of the village as it is widely considered as one of the most beautiful villages in France, and hollyhocks that line all the streets are for sure one of the reasons for that flattering ranking! La Flotte en Ré certainly does not have the prettiest beaches on the island but you will certainly find somewhere quiet to spread out your towel, a critical aspect for any holidaymaker in Ile de Ré or elsewhere! Go for a holiday rental in La Flotte and please the whole family! The heart of La Flotte en Re village is its small fishing port where many cafes and restaurants are situated. If you have chosen a holiday rental in La Flotte en Ré, or have opted for another vacation rental, let's say in Bois Plage en Ré or in Saint Clément de Baleines, you'll be more than happy to stop there sometime and drink a coffee or wine. La Flotte en Ré port is also a popular stop for boaters who usually do their shopping in the medieval market before returning to the sea. It's true that La Flotte en Ré cannot offer the best beaches in Ile de Ré but you will undoubtedly find a quite place to swim with family or friends. However, the village is as dynamic as it gets and has a superb sailing club where kids, adults, beginners or experienced enthusiasts find satisfaction. For your evenings during your holiday rental in La Flotte en Ré, Charent Maritime, go on a night out in the famous \"Les Deux cannons\", a jazz club that's recently opened and has already gained a good reputation with the locals. Search our website for villa, apartment, cottage rentals in La Flotte en Ré and find the accommodation that suits you most! Other village to try if you are regular on the island, a holiday villa in Saint Martin de Re, a holiday villas in Bois Plage en Re or a holiday villa in Saint Clement des Baleines.