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Sainte Marie de Ré is one of the oldest villages of Ile de Re. The narrow streets in the village center act as an unquestionable proof for that. Located in the immediate vicinity of the Poitou Charente region's mainland, Sainte Marie de Ré is today one of the most populated villages of the island in both winter and summer. Choose your accommodation in Sainte Marie de Re for a holiday!

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Find below our holiday rentals offers in Sainte Marie de Re (17740). We select only holiday villas, cottages and apartments matching with our quality rules. Each ad in Sainte Marie de Re is checked prior being released. Find our ads about Sainte Marie de Re and about the island of Re listed by type: Villas and cottages for rent in Sainte Marie de Re and Apartments for rent in Sainte Marie de Re. Organise your stay in Ile de Re for next summer and spring season!

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Indeed many Ile de Ré locals have decided to make it their home for it proximity of the bridge, making travel between the island and Poitou Charente much easier. To this population is grafted a number of tourists who usually opt for a holiday rental in Sainte Marie. A choice that may be very appropriate, especially if the rain replaces the sun and a trip on the Rochelle is required to spend some good time doing some fun activities like going to the movies, to an aquarium and giving the children something to have fun doing. Sainte Marie de Re may not be the most elegant village of the island, but under the dynamic leadership of its mayor, it tends to improve every day. In any case, for us who have ties there, we strongly recommend you opt for a vacation rental in Sainte Marie de Re, it's simply a village where life is very pleasant.Mainly directed towards the vine, the village of Sainte Marie de Ré also has fabulous beaches, just like all the villages in the south coast of Ile de Ré. Thus, when staying at a holiday rental in Sainte-Marie de Re, you can visit a beautiful beach boarding the village's well-known thalassotherapy center as well as the charming La Noue's one. Ultimately, when it comes to sports enthusiasts looking for their so-called \"secret spot\", snow sports are most on demand when the south wind whistles in the area and sweeps the exposed coasts of Ile de Ré. Once past the village of Rivedoux, you can easily spot the bell tower of Sante Marie de Re's Gothic church in the distance. The visit of the church must be an unavoidable activity if you opted for a holiday rental in Sainte Marie de Ré, and even when staying in a vacation rental in Rivedoux, in Loix or in Ars en Re. In Sainte Marie de Ré, as it's the case in all the villages of the south coast, there are no ports. Instead, fish locks which make their appearance at low tide all but go unnoticed. It needs to be said though that these very locks are no longer in service. Rent a holiday accommodation in Sainte Marie de Ré and enjoy the best of vacations!