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Fishing on the ile de re

Ré island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the Vendée. Traditionally, the inhabitants of the island have always lived from salt production, wine marketing and fishing. The development of tourism since the construction of the Pont de Ré in 1988 has greatly changed the way of life on the island, particularly with regard to fishing. Indeed, in addition to the few professionals on the subject, the thousands of people who fish on Ré island are all tourists.

Fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities on Ré island, just like cycling and lazing on the beach. It must be said that the sea that borders the island is particularly rich in fish of all kinds like the lean, the bar, the mackerel, and much more. The presence of several fish locks in various places is also a major asset of the region, to the delight of fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing on the foreshore is popular with holidaymakers. It is another way to have fun on the shores and collect all kinds of shells, oysters, crustacean mussels, etc. Out of respect for nature, certain rules have been established and everyone has to take cognizance of them and observe them rigorously (maximum authorized quantity of 5 kg / person, prohibition to return the stones, prohibition of taking the crustacean females with Eggs, etc.).

Fishing is also done on board boats, canoes, boats and kayaks. This kind of leisure offers the opportunity to make some nice catches. Some lucky catch bars of 10 kg while others content themselves with smaller fishes, but still do in 3 to 4 kg. There are plenty of fishing spots on the Ré islands and each amateur fisherman freely chooses his spot. Some places are very popular and others are practically deserted.