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Staying in the Ré island is not limited to visiting its famous monuments, nautical activities and moments of relaxation at the beach. It also involves the discovery of local gastronomy, the pride of the Rītes.

Several restaurants and bistros are located in the ten towns of the canton. They offer varied menus and invite tourists to experience the know-how of restaurant chefs.

The gastronomy of the island is mainly focused on seafood and fish, freshly caught by professionals respecting the traditions and techniques of the region. Several establishments offer their guests to taste these dishes in an idyllic setting, feet in the water, on a terrace that overlooks the harbor or in a hut in the middle of the marshes.

Regarding seafood, oysters deserve special attention. They have a different taste depending on where they were raised, on rock or on sand. Moreover, the different ripening methods chosen by the oyster farmers also have their importance and give different flavors to the oysters.

As far as local products are concerned, potatoes are a source of pride for the inhabitants. It is at the center of various gastronomic menus, imagined by the best cooks on the island. It is distinguished by the fact that its flesh is sweet while its skin is salty. This originality results from the fact that the potatoes are picked before maturity, which attenuates the starch and gives the  sweet taste. Cultivation in the sandy soil and the proximity of the fields to the sea are at the origin of the salt.

Lovers of oenology are also filled during their passage to the Ré island. The cultivation of vines and the production of wine are identity of the region and began from the Middle Ages. The vineyards with an area of ​​650 hectares produce several thousand liters of wine of excellent quality. The flagship products are the Rosé des Dunes and the Ilrhéa pineau.