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Transportation ile de ré

Ré island stretches over 26 km length. To move from one municipality to another, various means of transport are available to the visitors and the inhabitants.

In the first place, there are thermal and electric shuttles. They connect the ten municipalities of the island and allow to move in the boroughs or to join the beaches. They are all free. The revenues from the Pont de Ré toll have been devoted to the introduction of this type of transport.

Ré island is also served by two bus lines: the Re Express and the Line 3. The first one offers the possibility of going to any commune of the island, leaving from the station of La Rochelle. Line 3 for its part leads directly from the airport of La Rochelle to the retais villages. It is also possible to take it to the level of the Belvedere or Place de Verdun always in La Rochelle.

To be able to admire the beauty of the landscape of the island, cycling is strongly advised. On Ré island, there is the so-called VéloMouettes that can be rented to survey the 100 km of bike paths that crisscross the region.

In terms of fare, these different means of transport are quite inexpensive. For bus routes, the intra-island journey is only 1 €. The rental of a VéloMouette is also offered at 1 € per circuit.

Other means of transport are also proposed which are car-pooling and boat rental. Otherwise, it is also pleasant to walk on the streets of the villages or in the swamps on sunny days.

Of course, visitors can drive their cars on Ré island, provided they pay the toll of the Pont de Ré which is 8 € off season and 16 € tourist season. These tariffs are for light vehicles, but for coaches and others, it is slightly higher.