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One the most beautiful island of the French Atlantic coast.

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At My home in, we love traveling. We enjoy discovering new holiday destinations and spending time in the locations we know. We love our My home in destinations in particular as we have memories there, part of our personal life and projects. As we know quite well My Home In Ile de Ré, we feel we are the right personsto advise you in the best way when it comes to organise your own holiday.

To supply My Home In Ile de Ré users with the best service, we provide our recommendations the way we would like someone to advise us when we plan our travels.

We select each property displayed on My Home In Ile de Ré with common sense and give you the maximum level of flexibility and security to ensure a successful holiday.

Since 2012 and the first My home in website on the ile de Re, we keep expanding to other touristic destinations with the aim of providing you with the highest level of satisfaction and protection, through our network of trustworthy owners and concierges.

We feel it is our responsibility to build a reliable local alternative to the main international booking platforms, allowing travelers to reserve properties in France. Using My home in, you help us achieving this goal and contribute to the local economy as well.

Our commitments


Registration with My home in is totally free. You exchange directly with the owner and/or the concierge of the property. The rental price you see matches perfectly the amount you pay when you want to book. No hidden fee whatsoever.


Registering with My home in is totally free and does not oblige you to make a reservation. It allows you to book in a secured environment. 

What's more disappointing than having seen a price and see this price increasing with additional fees when you wish to book your holiday? We do not apply appealing prices and rather prefer displaying the real cost. With My home in, there is no additional or hidden fee upon booking.

Local offers

Properties listed are exclusively located in My Home In Ile de Ré. We do not display properties situated 100 km away from the location you choose for your holiday.

Local offers

The island of Re and La Rochelle are two wonderful destinations, simply separated by a 2.9 kilometers bridge. However the type of holiday you would spend in the Ile de Re has nothing to compare with the type of holiday you would spend in La Rochelle. This situation applies to Nice and Cannes with only the Angels's bay between those two cities. The same for Sainte-Maxime and Saint-Tropez, one village facing the other with few nautical miles and the magical Saint-Tropez's Gulf between the two.

My Home In Ile de Ré is only dedicated to My Home In Ile de Ré. The area covered by My Home In Ile de Ré is voluntarily limited in order to provide you with property offers matching your location expectations.

Tailor made support

We know My Home In Ile de Ré. Our local French team is available to answer your questions and to help you picking up the property matching perfectly your needs.

Tailor made support

My home in team is available to help and answer your question 7 days a week, by email or telephone. We display our service locally and have a real knowledge of our My home in destinations.

We have built a smart combination between the practical and security aspects of online bookings, and the pleasure and facility to understand each other while having a direct conversation. Call centres based abroad, special number costing a fortune or automatic answers guiding you through a process that never ends... This is not My home in. 


My Home In Ile de Ré is made of trustworthy owners and concierges. We have built some efficient tools keeping away anyone with bad intentions.


There is no summer holiday without medias reporting about travelers being abused. My home in is made of trustworthy owners and concierges.

We have set some tools allowing to protect your reservation and secure your payments. Payments are made through a fully secured banking system run by Societe Generale Bank. The amounts you pay remain on My home in escrow account and are released to the owner 24 hours after you enter the property.


From our free cancellation policy to our COVID special terms, from our interruption of stay guarantee to the cancellation one, My Home In Ile de Ré has set some mechanisms to protect you in any circumstances.


My home in guarantees offer Flexibility and Security.

Flexibility through our 48 hours option on a property. You wish to secure your rental prior organizing your flights or train tickets? You need to get an approval from your family or friends prior confirming your choice? My home in offers you the possibility to put a property on hold for 48 hours.

Protection through our Cancellation guarantee. Life is made of unexpected events. My home in has set with its guarantor partner cancellation guarantees allowing any person reserving through My home in to be refunded in full if there is a legitimate reason to cancel or partially without any reason and justification. Know more about My Home In Ile de Ré cancellation guarantees consulting our dedicated page.

Protection through our COVID cancellation policy. A special cancellation policy has been set, allowing you to be refunded in case of lockdown or travel ban. Consult our booking terms to know more about our COVID policy

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Responsible traveler

Booking with My home in, you sustain and contribute to the success of a local holiday rental platform initiative.

Nowadays, the digital economy and moreover the holiday rental market is in the hands of few companies, setting up the rules and applying the price conditions they wish. 

Why using a platform based abroad to book in France? We think we should all have common sense in what we do, including holiday organisation.

At My home in, we aim to contribute to the development of the local economy using locals only. Because we love our My home in destinations, we consider it is also our responsibility to protect them, helping local initiatives such as cleaning the beaches, preserving the dunes... 

This cannot be done without your support. 

Travel with us is easy

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Signing up with My Home In Ile de Ré takes few seconds. You can formulate demands and process your booking securely.

Make your choice

You exchange directly with the owner or with the concierge of the property, set the price and conditions of your stay.

Easy & Reliable

Use the instant booking function or exchange with the owner prior your reservation if any question.

Get ready

Our French local team is available to answer any question, to provide you with recommendations and local tips.

Enjoy your stay

The property is prepared for your arrival. The owner or the concierge of the property welcomes you.

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testimonial quote 66 The name does not sound very French, but it is great to have a French tool while booking in France! We were happy to find such a professional supporting team. Antoine M. testimonial quote 99


Our local solution is as efficient as those of the big players in the seasonal rental market, our quality of service is however more personal, direct and efficient and our guarantees much stronger.

My Home In Airbnb Abritel Booking
Beneficiary from your payment FR US US LU
Selected ads Yes No No No
Verified ads Yes No No No
Downpayment 30% 50% to 100% 35% to 50% 0% to 100%
Wire transfer/Holiday bounds Yes No No No
Bespoke assistance Yes No No No
48h free cancellation Yes Yes No No
Cancellation guarantees Yes No Optional No
Civil liability insurance* Yes No Optional No

The information displayed above is based on the feedback given by My Home In Ile de Ré's tenants and on our own analysis of the market. The conditions can change anytime and we invite you to make your own experience and comparaison.

We answer your questions

How do I find an accommodation?

If you are on one of the My Home In Ile de Ré websites it means that you already have a fairly clear idea of the area where you wish to stay. From then, you simply select in the search bar the city or town you are interested in, enter the number of people, the dates of your stay and then start searching. Any difficulty in finding, contact us!

Some properties are marked 'instant booking'. This means that you can make a firm reservation without waiting for a reply from the owner about the availability of his property.

We do release the ad online after having verifying them. Being locals, we know most of the owners and concierges listed on My Home In Ile de Ré.

Yes, we can! You can contact us by email (info@myhomein.fr) or by phone using the number mentioned on the ad you are interested in.

To contact an owner through My Home In Ile de Ré, you must have created an account on the website. You can then either send an information request, either proceed with your booking directly if the ad has the instant booking status.

We highly recommend you to multiply inquiries to make sure you find the ideal property where to spend your next vacation.

Payment is made in two shots. The first one equal to 35% of the total amount at the time you book. The second one equal to 65% of the total amount 30 days prior arrival. Both amounts stay on My Home In Ile de Ré escrow account and are released to the owner after you have entered the property.

You can read and answer messages while being logged to your My Home In Ile de Ré account. Each message contains a status indicating the progress of your discussions with the owner of the property concerned. Note that an alert is sent by email and by SMS each time you have a new message.

You have not found the answer to your question? Please check our FAQ !
You can also contact us by phone (+33614394144) or by email (info@myhomein.fr).