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La Couarde-sur-mer

La Couarde-sur-mer is located right in the middle of the Ré island. This small village can boast of bringing together all that is emblematic to the island. There are beautiful sandy beaches, a veritable pride of retreat, marshes where salt is extracted, wetlands where several species of birds live, vineyards where the best vintages of the Ré island are produced.

The village, occupied by some 1,200 Cardinals, is connected to the rest of the island by a departmental road, but also by a picturesque little port called Le Chenal de Goisil. This place has already inspired many painters and continues to make poets and other artists dream.

La Couarde-sur-mer, like its restored counterparts, has several sandy beaches. On the southern part of the village, over an area of ​​5 kilometers, there are 8 beaches bordered by dunes and pines. Each one attracts thousands of holidaymakers and can be practiced in almost all seaside activities such as sailing, kite surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing and much more. These are also places where it is pleasant to indulge in the sweetness of idleness, lying on the sand under the sun.

The center-ville is also a place where reigns a certain magic. In summer, but also throughout the year, the labyrinth of flowery streets of the village sees the many tourists walking or cycling. It is worth noting that the position of La Couarde, in the center of the island, makes it an ideal starting point for cycling excursions.

La Couarde-sur-mer is very popular with visitors and its economy depends mainly on tourism. As a result, the local administration has invested heavily in projects that aim to increase the capacity of the village. Thus, apart from hotels and guest houses, the municipality also has campsites and a holiday center. The offers of seasonal rentals are also numerous, proposing to rent houses, apartments or even gites by the sea.