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If you go for the first time in the Charente Maritime, an apartment rental in Bois Plage en Re could well be the ideal solution for your holiday on the ile de Re. In effect, Bois Plage en Re is a small village of the island and is very popular for holiday makers, who enjoy an ideal location, not too far and not  too near the bridge connecting the île de ré to the mainland.

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Apartments to rent in Bois Plage for a holiday

Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers in Saint Martin de Re, Ile de Re, Charente-Maritime. We select each holiday apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In offers you also a wide selection of properties such as holiday villas in Ile de Ré, but also holiday home with swimming pool and flat and apartments for rent in Ile de Re.

Rent a flat in Bois Plage en Re

If you plan to do tourism in the ile de re or in the Charente Maritime, you can easily move between the island and the continent to discover not only the jewels of the ile de re, but also the beautiful villages and cities of the continent such as La Rochelle, Rochefort, Brouage. But renting an apartment in Bois plage is the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of Bois Plage. A lot of people, who have been on holiday in Bois Plage en Re, have decided to stop there for the rest of their life. When we see the quality of this village, it is not a surprise. The beaches of Bois Plage-en-Re are indeed exceptional. You can make long walks  to Sainte Marie de Re and La noue, to the east or to La Couarde to the west. Nothing will stop you. For the lovers of water sports, it is also a privileged place. In fact, the beach of Bois Plage en Ré is vast and you can easily start kite surfing, sailing, or surfing, depending on the weather conditions! As you probably understood, renting an apartment in Bois Plage en Re might be the right solution for your next vacation. If for the first time, this village does not appear to be the most appropriate, we invite you to consider renting an apartment in Sainte Marie de Ré or even renting an apartment in Saint Martin de Ré.