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Maison du Fiers

The island of Ré is very proud of its rich natural heritage. Besides, It is the diversity of the island’s landscape as well as its flora and fauna which are main promotional arguments of the destination upon tourists from France, Europe and from the entire world.

In the various municipalities of the island of Ré, several associations and organizations work for the preservation of marshes, beaches, traditions and all matters concerning the identity of the island. Their role is also to make all these elements known to visitors. This is the case of the Home of Fier, a museographic space dedicated to the natural heritage of the island of Ré.

The Home of Fier is located on the edge of the national nature reserve of Lilleau des Niges. Its name comes from the fact that it is located in the northern part of Fier d'Ars, a wide expanse of water and marshes that covers almost 20% of the island's surface.

It was in a former salt shed that officials chose to install this museum. The place was not chosen at random. It is quite special because it was the last salt shed on the island of Ré. Since salt production is inseparable from Ré history, it was quite natural to install this space dedicated to nature and marshes at this particular place.

La Home of Fier offers exhibitions on fauna, flora and landscapes of the island. Everything is taken into  account, from marshes, to beaches and dunes, and to seabed. It also organizes discovery outings in the form of walks in forests, in marshes or in other wild places of the island of Ré. Educational activities are also offered, covering a variety of themes, for young and old alike.

The small shop at the Home of Fier sells books and guides on nature as well as children's games. You can also buy postcards or gift items and other souvenirs.