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Weather ile de ré

The Ré island is one of the main destinations in the Charente Maritime. It attracts thousands of visitors during the summer holidays, but also everything else the year. The climate on the island is one of its major assets and makes this region one of the most appreciated by tourists from France and Europe.

The climate is relatively soft thanks to its geographical position. Indeed, the island is located in the Atlantic and benefits from the influences of the Gulf stream, the hot marine current. The region is one of the sunniest in France. On this level, it comes in third position after the Southeast and Corsica. The island is exposed to the sun for more than 2,300 hours a year.

In summer, the average temperature ranges around 21 ° C and can reach a peak of 26 ° C. At this time of the year, it is good to swim to the extent that the temperature of the water is perfectly ideal. Temperatures start to drop from September to 7 ° C in the middle of winter, between November and February. It is rare to observe phenomena of snowfall and it is important to emphasize that the winters on the Ré island are generally mild. The last winter that was quite rough on the island dates from 1890 and before that, in 1606.

With regard to rainfall, the seasons of heavy precipitation are between October and January. In autumn and winter, it often rains on the Ré island, an average of 13 days a month. During the summer period, this average falls below 7 days per month. In general, the sky is often cleared, but sometimes cloudy, especially at the end of the year.

In comparison with the other localities of the region of New Aquitaine, the weather in the Ré island is rather good for holidays. On the other hand, short stays at the end of the year can be tarnished by heavy rains if you have the misfortune to arrive on the island when it rains for several days in a row.