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Market in ile de ré

Life in a community would not be the same if markets did not exist. These are usually the busiest places in a city and are undoubtedly the few places where all social strata mix.

On Ré island each village has a very special market. An example is La Flotte market, which offers the possibility of a leap in the past, with its style inspired by the Middle Ages. The one in Loix is ​​renowned for its privacy while that of Bois-Plage is the largest.

The main goods found there are of course the local food products: oysters, fish, salt, wines as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables. It also sells jewelry, clothing, ornaments and beachwear.

In most municipalities, the functioning of the markets adapts to the tourist season. Thus, in summer, they work every day, even on night. At the end of the summer holidays, the daily rhythm gives way to a biweekly frequency. The villages whose markets work every day, all the year round are the most populated of the island: La Flotte, Rivedoux-Plage and Sainte-Marie-en-Ré.

Outside market halls, the municipalities of Ré island also shelter various shops and boutiques where it is good to stroll, to discover local specialties, in search of souvenirs or in search of bargains.

Retais markets are mandatory move for the tourists who come on the island and the merchants who are installed there are true ambassadors of the human warmth and the conviviality of the local population. The products sold there are always fresh and the setting is quite pleasing with the colorful displays.