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Sainte-Marie de Ré is the first village that you will encounter on the south coast on the ile de Ré after the bridge. A few kilometres off the bridge, already well to the interior of the island, a villa rental in Sainte Marie de ré is an ideal choice. In fact, Sainte-Marie de Ré has a privileged position close to the bridge of the ile de Ré and la Rochelle, without suffering from the nuisance of it.

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Villas to let in Sainte Marie de Re for a holiday

Here are our holiday villas offers in Sainte Marie de Re, Ile de ré. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter including villas with pools in Sainte Marie. My Home In offers you also holiday apartments in ile de re, holiday villa on the ile de Re.

Villa to let in Sainte Marie de Re in Charente Maritime

This is probably the reason why, beyond holiday rentals on the ile de Re many rhétais working on the continent have decided to have theirpersonal residence in Sainte Marie de Re, rather than Rivedoux Plage or any other village. Choosing a holiday house in Sainte Marie de Ré give you the benefit from a vibrant city where the activities are numerous and original. Saint Marie has indeed a beautiful park where you can leave your children while you relax at the Thalasso located by the beach. What makes a holiday villa rental in Sainte Marie de Ré the right choice, it is also its proximity with various beaches. Sainte Marie de Ré also enclised in addition the village of Noue where beaches are many. If you choose a villa with a pool in Sainte Marie de Ré, there are little chances for you would be disappointed. If the doubt remains, and that you want to be in the heart of the island of Ré, then renting a house in Ars-en-Ré, renting a house in La Couarde, or the rental of a house in Bois Plage en Re could be the right solution ! Many rhétais have been surprised to learn a beautiful morning waking up that Saint-Martin-de-re had lost its title of capital of the ile de re at benefit of Sainte Marie de Re.If you do not intend to spend your holiday in one of the south coast village an apartment in La Flotte or a villa in Les Portes en Ré can be a good alternative.