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La Flotte en Re beaches

The ten villages of the county of Ré all have beaches. This characteristic is the island’s pride and makes it one of the best tourist destinations in Charente-Maritime.In terms of sandy beaches, the township of La Flotte is in no way inferior to its counterparts. Indeed, it has one of the most beautiful beach of the island: the Arnérault.It is a real natural treasure and the municipality is well aware of that. Thus, the Arnérault benefits from the most effective management and monitoring. For example, to prevent any risk of swimming waters pollution, samples are taken and analyzed weekly and precautionary measures are taken according to the results.A great effervescence reigns on the Arnérault beach, especially during summer holidays. The place hosts several tens of thousands of tourists. For their comfort and safety, toilets, showers and emergency stations have been installed in several places.An access ramp facilitates the descent of disabled people into the sea. Moreover, off-road wheelchairs and tiralos (beach wheelchairs) are available to them in rescue stations.A launch slipway is also present at the Arnérault for the pleasure of boaters who are numerous to tow their boats from the continent to La Flotte.The Arnérault beach is suitable for various leisure activities outside swimming, walks or idleness. Windsurfing is very popular, as well as kites and fishing. Monitors and volunteers work on the beach in summer and give introductory courses about watersports, ensure safety or lead group activities.After a busy day on the sandy beach, tourists have the opportunity to relax on the terraces of bistros, bars and restaurants close to the Arnérault.