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The beaches of Ars-en-Ré

When you are passing by the island of Ré for the summer holidays or as part of a small weekend with family or friends, it is the opportunity to make a small jump on the side of the " Ars-en-Ré. This village has a lot to offer in terms of leisure activities and there are plenty of places to see, including its two beaches: La Grange beach and that of the Martray.

The beach of the Grange, located at the point of Grignon is the most popular of the two. It is connected to the center of the village by the rue de la Grange and the paths of Bernicard or Cinq-Un. This place combines all the characteristics of the coastline: a vast expanse of sand, pebbles, numerous rocks and dunes.

At high tide, the sea is assaulted by the vacationers who appreciate the moments of relaxation and bathing in the water. At low tide, the sea retreats away to leave room for many rocks. This situation does not make it possible to dip in the water of the Atlantic, but it is the ideal moment to engage in the fishing on foot and to collect shells and various crustaceans.

We do not get bored on the beach of the Grange even in rainy weather as the bars and restaurants that are nearby have always something authentic to offer. One can appreciate the gastronomy, the cognac and the pineau which make the pride of the local producers or just to make interesting encounters.

With regard to the beach of the Martray, it is distinguished by the fact that it is at the narrowest point of the whole island: the isthmus of the Martray. Like the Grange, it is possible to practice fishing on foot at low tide, but the only small difference lies in the fact that the place is not as large and can not accommodate many people.

This does not mean that the Martray is less attractive than other beaches on the island. On the contrary, it is a charming place where it is good to walk and the wild side gives it even more charm.