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Beaches of Rivedoux

Rivedoux-Plage is the gateway to the island of Ré. The famous bridge of Ré ends in this township to the south of the island, outgoing from La Pallice, on Charente coast. The first impression we have about the island of Ré is thus the one Rivedoux-Plage gives us and it is here that one checks first if the allegations about the beauty of Ré beaches are justified.

Rivedoux-Plage is located on the edge of Sablanceaux and has two beaches, the first to the south of the bridge and the second to the north. Due to their proximity to the continent, Rivedoux beaches are among the most patronized of the whole Charente Maritime department and host tens of thousands visitors.

The southern beach is the largest and the most attractive one. It stretches over two kilometers and offers an exceptional view over the Bridge of Ré, but also over the continental coasts. It is one of the few beach resorts where swimming is possible all time, even at low tide.

As for the northern beach, it is a reference for activities related to fishing, including beach fisheries. It is also a good place to stroll along the coastline, between the bridge and the village of Rivedoux. Wind and waves offer ideal conditions for the practice of sliding water sport like kite-surf.

Due to the important frequentation of beaches, the municipality of Rivedoux-Plage has provided all equipments and other amenities necessary for the comfort of all beach-goers. They also thought about safety and beaches are thus monitored in high touristic season.

Moreover, beaches of Rivedoux are distinguished from many others of the island of Ré, insofar as they are accessible to disabled. People in wheelchairs or crutches have direct access to beaches by using a path made of wooden grating. Off-road wheelchairs are also available to allow them to move easily on the sand and to swim in the sea.