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The beach of Conche des Baleines

Beaches of the island of Ré are renowned worldwide for their beauty. The beach of Conche des Baleines is among the most patronized ones and can boast of being the most beautiful of all the island.

Conche des Baleines is located to the north of the island and stretches from the famous Lighthouse of Baleines to Portes-en-Ré, further east. The name of the place comes from the fact that several cetaceans have grounded here in the past. The place has often been used to shoot famous movies like The Longest Day, an American cinematographic masterpiece. He also inspired singers like Charles Aznavour and Claude Nougaro.

During summer holidays, excitement is at its height on the Conche des Baleines, but despite the large number of summer visitors, there is always a place where to settle towels and umbrellas. Indeed, the beach stretches through several kilometers, providing enough space for thousands holidaymakers.

To facilitate access, free parking is available to beach goers. In terms of safety, the beach is equipped with an emergency station and is monitored during peak season. As far as food is concerned, various establishments, bistros, cafés, gourmet restaurants and pizzerias are set up along this wide expanse of sand.

Leisure activities one can practise at Conche des Baleines are numerous. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, sands of the beach are large playgrounds where to practice beach volleyball, kite flying or simply indulge in the construction of sand castles.

Three out of eight surf spots on Ré are located at Conche des Baleines: Diamond Head, Petit Bec and Lizay. These are places where to practice various nautical disciplines, including kite-surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding. Novices and advanced beginners meet each other here, but there are also top-level professionals, great fans of the destination.